Tyler Decklin
Vital statistics
Family Rowan, Hannah Decklin
Tyler Decklin is a Wiccan of the Coven of the Green Wood, having grown up with the religion through his mother Rowan. When his parents divorced, his father tried to get custody of him and his sister Hannah by claiming that Wicca was a dangerous cult. He was unsuccessful, but as part of the settlement Tyler attends St. Basil's, a Catholic school.

He and Kate start dating at the end of Merry Meet and he remains a source of support for her while she keeps her Wiccan activities secret from her parents. After her parents find out and ban her from seeing any of her Wiccan friends, he starts spending a lot of time with Annie. The situation reaches a head when they kiss in Making the Saint, and Kate breaks up with him as a result. They maintain a tentative friendship for the rest of the series.

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