Through the Veil
Publication Date September 4, 2001
Wiccan Elements Samhain, Spirit realm
eBook Extra "Mask Making" (Samhain origins and festive suggestions)
Excerpt Here
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Five Paths
Followed by
Making the Saint
Through the Veil is the ninth book in the Circle of Three series.


Book DescriptionEdit

As the year comes to an ending,
in the hour 'tween old and new,
Part the veil and let pass
The spirits who would travel through.

As Annie, Kate, and Cooper prepare for Samhain, or Halloween, they are filled with anticipation. It is a time when the veil between the worlds is thin, and those who have passed into the spirit world may be more easily contacted. Those Annie holds dear dwell behind this veil already -- will she find them on this eve of Wiccan celebration?

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