Sherrie Adams is the leader of the Graces. She is a cheerleader at Beecher Falls High. Sherrie is bossy and downright petty at times. Her dislike of Annie and Cooper, based purely on their social differences, is the key factor in alienating Kate from the rest of the group. She also gives them a disparaging nickname, "The Good Fairies," after their masquerade ball costumes. Her father is on the school board and is largely responsible for banning Cooper from wearing her pentacle necklace to school in The Five Paths. She and Kate are assigned as lab partners in And It Harm None, which ends in an indoor mudfight between them. As part of the fallout of that skirmish, they spend their spring break in The Challenge Box doing a make-up project. Over one of their research sessions, the two of them finally have it out over Kate's involvement with Wicca, and Kate defends her new faith successfully.

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